• Hopeless

    Première tentative de poème en anglais, merci de me faire part de vos impressions ^^

    All is done now, I'm approaching at the end of the day.
    Watching the twilight, I'm looking for my demise.
    I'm not waiting for a future sunrise,
    These are the last things I have to say.

    My pitch-black soul, let's sleep,
    You have had enough fun from me.
    By showing me dreams I didn't have to see,
    I finally reached the end of my hopeless trip.

    Hopeless loves,
    Hopeless hopes,
    Hopeless sunrises, hiding the cross.
    You can only watch the coin I toss.

    Heads, or Tails ? No matter what happens,
    It won't go beyond the heavens.
    Death, life, when the two reaches my stone heart,
    At last, it'll be the last time I'm getting hurt.

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