• Parce que tout de même, ça fait plus de six mois que j'ai pas posté quoi que ce soit...

    Deepest Bottom

    Born from the bottom,
    Aiming at the heaven,
    Crying because of its coldest blossom,
    The feather of a dark raven.

    I'm trying to foresee the top's light,
    For that deep feeling I fight.
    For her warm arms I'm dreaming of.
    I'm trying to reach that useless love.

    I fall every time I try to climb it up,
    My damaged hope stands up no matter what.
    My heart wants me to stop,
    But, my love, I'll fight until I die, for that.

    Useless Waiting : Away From the Sun

    It started with a kiss
    And ended by a crisis.
    My heart turned into pitch-black,
    Collapsing with a resonating track.

    'Wanted so bad to create hope,
    I ended by awakening despair,
    I didn't want this top stop,
    'Wanted to meet the love reaper.

    J'avais tort, depuis le début,
    De créer un tel espoir.
    Mon amour pour toi, je voulais qu'il se tût.
    Car si proche, je ne pouvais que te voir.

    Mon coeur flétri par ce que je crus impossible,
    Ton coeur embelli par mon être affaibli ?
    Ce baiser d'espoir dont j'avais rêvé,
    Me fut finalement accordé.

    Clear Feeling

    Don't forget you're not alone,
    This isn't the time for you
    To turn into a lifeless stone,
    Let's feel something new !

    Stand up to this growing despair,
    By looking back, he's getting stronger,
    Just look foward, he's just weaker
    Than the hope you're goin' to clear.

    Leave behind those illusions,
    Race, do your best, evolve !
    Don't care about love,
    Those dreams, pitiful visions !

    Don't let you being ruled,
    By this meaningless feud.
    Run, make your own trip,
    Towards true friendship !

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